HomeFundIt™ Review: Ryan and Aimee's Story

HomeFundIt™ crowdfunding could give you the boost you need to purchase a home sooner.

HomeFundIt™ Review: Ryan and Aimee's Story

Posted by Mike Dein - 2019-02-15 11:32:00

Recently relocated from their home base in the Midwest to the close-knit community of the Southeast, Ryan and Aimee were eager to put down roots and start paving the way for their future. With the cost of the move, compounded with graduate school debt and other life expenses, they were almost certain they would be facing another few years of the volatile rental market with frequent moving from apartment to apartment.

When they heard about HomeFundIt™, they were curious if down payment crowdfunding could give them the boost they needed to purchase a home sooner, before rising rates and rapid home price appreciation pushed their goal further out of reach.

Within weeks, friends and family contributed to their campaign and offset a significant portion of the cost of the down payment on their new home. By growing their down payment faster, they were able to purchase sooner, and move into their first home together. As new homeowners, they are approaching their new careers with confidence and are looking forward to making friends with their neighbors and finding their place in their new community.

"Coming in here and just standing in the house knowing that it's ours, you really get that pride of homeownership," Ryan said with admiration of his new home with his new fiancée, and their bright future ahead.

Source: CMG Financial

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