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5 Proven Pre-Sale Tips

These tips will help sell your home faster and for more money. No one wants to dump money into a house they're selling but these proven are wallet-friendly.

5 Proven Pre-Sale Tips

Posted by John Hardy - 2015-05-05 14:48:00

Let’s be honest. No one cares to put money into a house they are getting ready to put on the market; however, it’s a necessary expenditure if you want it to sell quickly and at the best price.

Beyond the basics of decluttering, depersonalizing and a thorough cleaning there are some areas you can spend some money that net the best return and some others that don’t gain you a thing.

We’ve broken it down to 5 fix-ups and they won’t break the bank.

1. Paint

Paint your walls with updated neutral and current colors. It will help distinguish your home from a lot of the other ones out there and help buyers remember each room. If you have large, open spaces it is best to stick to the same color to create harmony. Check out our blog Everybody Feng Shui Tonight. If you want the latest fall colors you’ll be glad to know that our marketing background taught us where to find them. However, don’t walk into Sophir Morris with your Pantone™ Swatch Book and expect to find the number call outs. You can use the color chips for a quick reference.

A word of advice: While the dark colors may look rich, take a pass, because they will be too intense for most buyers. 

2. Hire a Good Stager

Investing a couple hundred dollars for a good home stager will help you make more money when you sell.

Do your homework. Find someone with a good portfolio. If you have trouble imagining the pictures in real life you can always go visit some model homes. They are usually staged and they are more than happy to tell you who did the rooms.

3. Replace Old Carpet

Nothing will turn off buyers faster than worn out or stained carpet. We’ve learned our lesson the hard way. Most times a professional cleaning is all it needs to get your house ready to show. However, stained and dated carpet will turn most buyers away.

There was a time when you could offer a carpet allowance. But, with the market turning as fast as it is today you’ll find that most buyers don’t have the luxury of waiting for carpet to be installed with the closing date looming overhead.

Same thing goes for flooring. Old, torn, stained tile, vinyl or laminates need to be replaced with comparable neutral flooring.

4. Install Solid Countertops

These vary depending on the price range of your home. If your property is under $300,000 you can get by with replacing the laminate countertops in the kitchen and bath. In today’s market, solid-surface, stone, quartz and granite will help sell your property. But, unless you’re at, or above, the $350,000 price point I wouldn't recommend that upgrade.

There’s a lot of sway factor here. If you have the money for the higher grade countertop it will get your house sold faster but if you don’t—be prepared to lose out to other homes in your price range that did the upgrade.


5. Hire a Handyman

You may as well get any repairs done BEFORE you put your house on the market. Not only will the buyer’s home inspector point out these issues, you’ll also hinder any prospective offers if the repairs are obvious. Not only do obvious repairs make your house look bad, it sends a red flag to buyers that there could be other maintenance issues or safety concerns. Make sure you hire someone that is reputable.

I'm not saying Tim isn't reputable but there's always a possibility that something could happen you're not prepared for—so be careful.

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