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Nov 03, 2015



Thinking of putting your property on the market? Start off right by listing your property with a marketing specialist. We understand real estate marketing and have the know-how to perfectly market yours.

John Hardy is the only Realtor in the Omaha area with 25-years of marketing experience. He’s the leader at Team Hardy, powered by one of Omaha’s award-winningest marketing companies; Brandscapes.

Real estate is a competitive business. There are more than 10,000 listings on the market at any given time. You need a competitive advantage to get your property sold.

You need someone at the top of their game to represent you when you're selling your property.

You need your Realtor to be a first-class marketing strategist, photographer, copywriter, designer, social media guru and web wizard. With John Hardy, you'll find all that expertise, and more.

Click the handy Sell My Property button on this page or call John, (402) 639-8558 to get your home listed, marketed and sold—today.

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About The Author

John Hardy of Team Hardy isn't your typical realtor. John's spent 25-years developing brands and marketing strategies in corporate America. He's lead contract negotiations, started mentoring programs and helped business start-ups, which eventually led him to real estate. Why is this important for you? Simple, this diverse background has enabled John to become an extraordinary realtor with the skills, ability, and experience that gives you the extra-advantage you need to market YOUR property. Get John's full-story here.

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